{Review} The Heartbreaker (The Heartbreaker #0.5)

The Heartbreaker (The Heartbreaker, #0.5)

The Heartbreaker by Jessica Wood
The Heartbreaker #0.5
Read April 2014
5 stars



A Novella Prequel to Damian

Meet Damian Castillo. The man, the legend, the heartbreaker.

The only thing that matters in his world is his “little black book”: his large black shoebox filled with hundreds of phone numbers from the nameless women in his life. He knows what he wants: mind-blowing, no-strings-attached sex. And as the hottest bartender in San Francisco, he never has a problem getting exactly what he wants when he wants it.

But sleeping with every hot woman that throws herself at him can sometimes lead to unexpected problems, and Damian discovers this when he finds himself caught in the middle of his two recent conquests. Will his manwhore ways get him into more trouble than he can handle, or will this heartbreaker manage to get out unscathed?

The Heartbreaker is the prequel novella to DAMIAN (book #1) and TAMING DAMIAN (book #2). These three books make up the entire The Heartbreaker series, which are all currently available.

Series Reading Order

#0.5 The Heartbreaker
#1 Damian
#2 Taming Damian


The Heartbreaker introduces us to the main character of The Heartbreaker series, Damian Castillo. He is a man-whore at heart and just doesn’t do relationships. Why would he, when the ladies are willing to drop their panties everywhere he goes. However this can also lead to trouble.

Totally in love with Damian and will be reading the rest of the series. I need to know what happens to this man-whore and his new mystery girl.

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