{Review} Jealously (From The Inside Out #2)


Jealousy by S.L. Scott
From The Inside Out #2
Read September 2014
5 stars


Series Reading Order

#1 Scorned
#2 Jealousy


I loved Scorned and was prepared to fall in love with Jealously. But instead I totally fell in love with everything about this book. I liked it better than the first one. Which is strange for me cause usually the second book can be a let down after such a good first novel.

In Jealously we get to see me of Dylan’s side of the story. Really liked this cause I think he has some hidden secret just waiting to be revealed. There is something about him that I kind of feel sorry for. While Jules is continuing to discover more about herself and develop more of a relationship with Austin, Dylan is coming to terms that him may lose her all over again.

I like both of the guys in this very interesting love triangle situation. However I feel that Austin may be hiding a very nasty secret from Jules. Don’t know could be just be.

After reading the first two books in the series, I know who I want to win Jules’ heart, yet I want to know what would happen in each situation. May the best man win.


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