{Review} Beat (The Beat and the Pulse #1)

Beat_AmityCrossThis is the first book I have read by Amity Cross and I’m left wondering why? Why haven’t I read or even heard of this author til now? So sad 😦
Upon starting Beat I immediately fell in love. How could I not when this book in set in my own backyard. Well not quite, but I know the area of Melbourne that is mentioned in the story. I have even walked the very streets the characters on. I must see the exact location now just to see everything clearly.

I believe I many have found one of the first book girl friends to truly love. Ren stands up for what she wants and doesn’t take no shit from anybody, especially Beat’s golden boy Ash Fuller.

Ash is a whole other story, although like Ren he doesn’t like people crossing him and missing with what’s his. He goes to great measures to protect thou that he loves, including Ren, his ‘spitfire’. He makes the ultimate sacrifice just to see Ren safe.

Ash Fuller is my Aussie Travis Maddox.

Just waiting for Pulse now.


#2 Pulse

GOODREADS LINK:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23200749-pulse


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