{Review} Missing Link (The Finders #1)


Missing Link (The Finders #1) by Addison Jane

Rating: 4 out of 5

Missing Link turned out to be a real surprise and I really did enjoy it greatly. I was a little doubtful about how it would play out when I first started reading it and whether it would be able to hold all the way to the end. Yet it did, really well mind you.

Missing Link has just the right amount of everything to keep you hooked and turning the page til the very end.

Sam has been ‘sold’ by her father after he loses a bet and has nothing left but his daughter, who is gladly taken away by the winning bidder. From that day life for Sam will never be the same. She is just going through the motions and hoping to survive another day. That is til Link shows up and turns her carefully laid out world upside down. Sam finally has something to fight for again.

Yet she is worried about what Link may be getting into and isn’t willing to risk hurting him. Yet he still wants to help her escape.

I loved Link so much. He was a guy that was so easy yo fall for; all muscle and heart. A hero must always have a heart and treat his girl right.

Missing Link even had me laughing in some spots. *cue weird stares from random people* Stuff them, they have no idea what they are missing out on.

Hopefully there will be more to come of these series, cause I’ll be reading the next one for sure.

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