{Review} Tears of Tess (Monster in the Dark #1)

tears of tess front cover

Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark 1) by Pepper Winters

Rating: 5 out of 5

Tears of Tess is intense, gripping and I never wanted to put it down.

I couldn’t believe that this was Pepper debut novel. I would never have known it was. Everything just flowed so beautiful, like she has been writing for years. It was just….. I don’t know, if this trying to get over it really. My mind is still lost in the book somewhere.

This book is not for everyone. If you want hearts and flowers between the main character look else where. However strangely enough Tess and Q do have some lovely-dovey moments. Yet most of the time the novel deals with some pretty dark themes.

Tess is one strong gal. With everything that she has to deal with I’m surprised she didn’t break earlier. She is the kind of person you want fighting with you, not against you.

Two things I wanted most in the world: for Q to die a miserable death, and for him to fuck me

The first time Q appeared on the scene, I immediately got goose bumps. There was just something about his presents. The way that he holds himself. I just wanted to know all his secrets. He is one complex man.

He was smooth water—effortless in refinement but just like still water, dangerous if you couldn’t swim

I may be a monster but I was her monster.!

Upon starting this novel, I knew what I was heading into, well at least I thought I did. Now having finished it, it was totally different to how I thought it was going to play out. I’m kind of glad, I like a story with a good surprise or twist. Keeps me guessing and coming back for more.

I promise to protect you, ravage you, hunt those who hurt you, and give you the life you deserve. My fortune is yours. My secrets are yours. And I will give you the corpses of the men who hurt you.


5 thoughts on “{Review} Tears of Tess (Monster in the Dark #1)”

  1. This is one of my favorite books! I haven’t gotten enough courage to read Twisted Together, the last book in this series becuase Quintessentially Q almost BROKE ME!!! Pepper Winters is a genius!!

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