{Meme} Top Ten Goals/ Resolutions For 2015

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015 — bookish, blogging or otherwise!

1) Complete Goodreads Reading Challenge
Going for 60 again in 2015 I think, still have a few days to change it yet

2) Finishing reading the original James Bond series by Ian Fleming
Have only read the first one so far

3) Complete some book series’s that I have only read the first book of

the blackstone affair

gabirel inferno

Real series

4) Do some different blog posts. I have a few ideas going on in my head at the moment

5) Finishing reading 2014 ARCs or at least shortern the list

6) Shorten my to be watched TV list
I believe in currently sits at around 300+ episodes to watch

7) Get a job to pay for all the new books that I want

8) Hopefully move out of home

9) Improve my time management skills
I thought they were ok, but they are not great

10) Spend more time doing the things that I love


Without fail, see the new Bond movie. The wait has been killing me.


6 thoughts on “{Meme} Top Ten Goals/ Resolutions For 2015”

    1. Sorry that should have been 300+ episodes from about 30 shows i think. I keep meaning to watch them but end up reading instead. I have a few new ones I would like to start like Black sails, the flash, forever and hell on wheels. Or else i’m continuing with arrow, outlander. white collar, reign among many more


  1. A good List. I hope to also complete the James Bond novels this year, but I read slowly and I already know it’ll tske me into 2016. And the wait till November for Bond 24 is going to kill me, but i’ll be there. Cant wait for it.

    A good list though. It has inspired me to do my own for my blog. Like always, great work and have a fantastic 2015. I hope tou succeed at all those goals πŸ™‚


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