{A Year In Review} 2014

Some interesting stats for Bookshelf Dreaming coming out of 2014.

Books read: 85 (26 ahead of my goodreads schedule)

Total # of Pages: 17 326 (which is less than last years total, but I read more books this year.)

Shortest Book: Dirty Dancing By Alexia Stark (7 pgs)

Longest Book: Hotelles by Emma Mars (592 pgs)

Most Read Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas and Ella James (4 books each)

Blog Posts: 528 (no way it can’t have been that many. I have been very busy this year on the blog then)

5 Star Reads: 29

4 Star Reads: 38

3 Star Reads: 11

2 Star Reads: 6

1 Star Read: 1

Also view my Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge post for more book related stats

Your Thoughts:

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