2015 Reading Challenges Rundown

This year I have decided to participate in a few different reading challenges along with the normal Goodreads one that I have been doing for the past few year. I might cheat a little and if one book works for more than one challenge, I will cross it off mulitple lists.

This is meant to be something fun, NOT stressful. If I don’t finish them, I don’t really mind.

I will be keeping track of my progress on the 2015 Challenges page. So check back if you want to see how I are tracking through the year.

Now for the challenges:

2015 Popsugar Ultimate Reading Challenge


2015 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

This one should be fun. I have to read a book starting with every letter of the Alphabet if possible.  All the rules can be found at the above link if you would like to join in too


2015 TBR Pile Challenge

This one should be good since I have so many books to read, but keep reading the new one instead of the old ones sitting on the shelf. I really want to see how I go with this one. This will be the only challenge that I will list the books before I read them. So a better choose wisely I think.


Your Thoughts:

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