{Review} Insatiable Desires Boxset

insatiable desires box setInsatiable Desires box set by Diamond Fox

Insatiable Desires 1-3

Read January 2015

3 stars



After catching her cheating boyfriend in the act with her best friend, Abigail desperately needs an ego boost. Her confidence dashed to smithereens, she has the overwhelming desire to feel that she is still an attractive woman.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Abigail makes an appointment at an underground club – once which caters exclusively to theĀ desires of the female persuasion.

But once the young lady has a taste for what the club can offer, she realizes that her ego is more damaged that she first thought. It will take a lot of work – and a lot of men – to soothe her bruised sense of self-esteem.

From beginning to end these stories are packed full of hot scenes, guaranteed to turn you on!


Um I don’t really know what to say.

First of all this is one short and very hot read. There is lots and lots of sex and not much else. It could just about be a porn script if you really wanted it to be.

Did spend most of the story laughing at the way certain male body parts were described. Oh I may never be able to look at a man again without thinking of a few different names now.


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