{Review} ‘Til Death Vol 1 (‘Til Death #1)

Volume One Cover

Til Death Vol 1 by Bella Jewel
‘Til Death #1
Read January 2015
5 Stars


I finished reading this and had no words. There is just no way to describe the what I was feeling when I finished this book.

I so wanted to hate Marcus while reading this, yet at the same time I keep reading to see if he would become more human and loving, even just a little bit.

Katia, I felt so sorry for her. I was wondering how she could stay with a man like Marcus. But then love makes you do crazy things. The things that he does to her, the way she doubts herself, all for a man who may or may not love her. God it was so frustrating, in a good way.

Things were just starting to look good for Katia and Marcus and I was like ‘yes this could finally be changing’ and then bam ‘so did not see that coming’

Bella Jewel has written an incredible book that has kept me glued to the pages. Vol 2 cannot come soon enough for me


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