{Review} ‘Til Death Volume 2 (‘Til Death #2)

Volume Two Cover

‘Til Death Volume Two by Bella Jewel
Til Death #2
Read January 2015
5 Stars



You know how it went for me.
You know what he did.
You know the fire he left inside my soul when he crushed me into a thousand tiny pieces.
Since Marcus, my life has been a blur of emptiness.
Since Marcus there has been nothing.
I’m alone, my Mom is dwindling and I feel nothing but emptiness. I work long, I work hard, but why? There’s no longer anything to fight for.
I know I have to face him. I know I have to go back. To fix my life, I have to break my ties to him.
Seeing Marcus again will destroy me, but it’s time to finish this.
I don’t expect the bitter, twisted emotions I’ll feel when I see him again, and when I lose everything once more, because of him, the only thing on my mind is revenge.
But how do you hurt someone you still love so deeply?
How can I still care for a monster? How can he still make me feel?
Our story is the most complicated of them all, it’s far from beautiful, it’s far from perfect, it’s just a twisted mess of emotion that neither of us knows how to fix.
But we will fix it. You’ll see.

Contains Adult Content. No Cliffhanger. HEA.

Series Reading Order:

#1 ‘Til Death Volume One ~ my review
#2 ‘Til Death Volume Two


What can a say? I just finished reading this and still I have no words. It was so different to how I thought it was going to play out. And that’s a good thing. I was hooked from the very start.

Two years has pasted since the events at the end of vol 1 and nothing is going to plan. Katia is floating through life, living each day from one to the next. I was surprised to find that Marcus was also in so much heartbreak. It made it all seem so much more real.

There were some events that were bit of a shock in the story line, however they make the story flow so nicely. I can’t really say to much without giving everything away. So if you want to know what happens, you’ll just have to read the book.


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