{Review} The Other Brother: Part 1: Forbidden (The Other Brother #1)

the other brother part 1 front

The Other Brother: Part 1: Forbidden by Lauren Hawkeye & Tawny Stokes
The Other Brother #1
Read February 2015
3 stars



From two New York Times bestselling authors comes a stunning tale of betrayal and blood…

Simple. The consummate good girl, this is the word I used to describe my life… until my stepbrother Seth came to live with us. Until that point, I’d been a very good girl… but my older, emotionally blocked stepbrother made me want to do very bad things.

With him.

In the course of one night everything changed, and my simple world was torn to shreds. I wanted to hate him. I did hate him. Mostly.

But now he’s back. And nothing will ever be simple again.

The Other Brother is a novel told in three parts. This is part one of three.

**Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+**

Series Reading Order:

#1 The Other Brother: Part 1: Forbidden
#2 The Other Brother: Part 2: Taboo
#3 The Other Brother: Part 3: Illicit


I really enjoyed the first part of the other brother. This part is split into two halves; the past and present day. It was really nice to get the back story to see where the characters had come from and how the events have now shaped there lives in the present.

When reading the reading about the past, I was unsure whether I really wanted to continue reading the rest of the story. I mean, the older step brother has un-brotherly feelings for his step sister and she is not even of legal age. I can’t believe that I am even reading this. Yet I keep reading. Oh and was there a nice little surprise waiting in the storyline. Didn’t see that happening and it is just mind blowing.

So needless to say I had to keep reading after that. The present day is even more exciting and how they meeting up again after not seeing each other for 6 years, classic.

As much as a loved the other brother, knowing that the authors have purposely split a novel into three parts is just annoying. The ending is killing me. Yes I will be back to read the next one, but I still would have preferred to read the whole story in one book.


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