{Review} Professor Cline: Revealed (The Professor #1)


Professor Cline: Revealed by J.M. La Rocca
The Professor #1
Read February 2015
5 stars



Getting pleasure from pain makes me a sadist. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. Plagued by painful memories and a dark past, I use women to help me forget. I’ve done everything in my power to take control of my life, but there are some things I have no control over.

People think they know who I am, but in reality, they know nothing.

My name is Mason Cline.

But after today, you will call me Professor Cline.

Ages 18+ due to sexual content, language, and difficult situations.

Series Reading Order:

#1 Professor Cline: Revealed
#2 Professor Cline: Redeemed


I really don’t know what to say. I’m not really into the whole student/teacher romance thing. It just really isn’t for me. Yet I’ve been following news on Professor Cline for a while now. So something clearly caught my interest and I’m glad it did. Maybe it was the dark romance part. How is it possible for a student/teacher romance to be dark? Besides the taboo subject and it just shouldn’t be done, how does one go about making it dark?

Alas, yet here it has been done with Professor Cline. I fell in love with everything about this story from the very beginning. The plot, characters, story line and the dual points of view were just perfect. Everything flowed and I couldn’t put it down until. I just had to read it in one sitting.

The Professor and Emma, the soon to be student, meet before they discover their new relationship. He is instantly draw to her and is determined to have her no what what. Even when he discovered she is to be his student, he still wants. There is just something about her that is drawing the darkness from him and giving him hope.

It wasn’t til the end of the story that the darkness started to really show and other character’s personalities started to show through. Some people really can be two-faced. Yet this just added to the story as a whole.

You know how you always expect something major to happen at the end, the story is just building up to it. Well it was happening and that from left of field something different totally happened. I love surprises, but now I’m left wanting and waiting more. Will be looking forward to reading more about the Professor in the future.

professor cline teaser 5


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