{Review} Being Emerald (New Atlanta #3)

being emerald cover

Being Emerald by Sylvia Ryan
New Atlanta #3
Read April 2015
3 stars



They’ll escape New Atlanta or die trying.

Brave, beautiful, and not easily controlled—even within a dictatorship—Laila Lewis has finally attained the prestige of an Emerald designation. Now only one thing is keeping her from her life’s goal of retrieving the Declaration of Independence and other priceless artifacts from the wild unknown of the Onyx Zone: the six weeks of training necessary to ensure her survival outside the city walls. But she won’t be going it alone…

After a year as a designated Emerald, rugged, sensual ex-cop Rock Rodgers is finally prepared to leave New Atlanta for good. Six weeks of training is the only thing standing between him and his next mission: to disappear into the freedom of the Onyx Zone where the long-armed rule of the Gov can’t reach him. But when the chemistry between him and Laila reaches a boiling point, with captivity just one false move away, will he have to escape on his own—or risk everything for a woman more tempting than freedom…

CONTENT WARNING: Contains explicit sexual language and content, m/f, and elements of BDSM that may be objectionable to some readers.

Series Reading Order:

#1 Being Amber
#2 Being Sapphire
#3 Being Emerald


Truthful I am left feeling all over the place after reading this book. Some parts for me were 2 stars, some 3 and others 4. Yet overall I was mostly just enjoying the journey.

While each book in the series can be read as a standalone, it is probably advisable to read the book in order. As this is the first book I can read by this author and this series, I was left a little lost in some parts of the story. I believe I my have enjoyed it more if I had read the other book in the series.

However all that being said I was it captivated by is world and was intrigued as to how it all worked. The main characters were also very well thought out. Their interactions with each other were different to many leading couples that I have read recently.

Being Emerald was a good read, but I am still left wanting more from these characters. I want to know how Rock and Laila how going and what the future holds for them and everyone else. I felt that the main characters needed a more complete ending and now am I left hanging for more.


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