{Review} Sin (Snapped #3)


Sin by Ketley Allison
Snapped #3
Read April 2015
4 stars



Charlie’s first love is perfect. He’s kindhearted, the sex is great, and he only wants her despite the spotlight that brings him fame. Her life is wonderful, filled with purpose and cushioned by the man of her dreams.Something is wrong here.

Her instincts are kicking in, telling her that Slade isn’t the man she thinks he is, but her heart is at war. She loves him, despite the attraction that sparks between her and Nate, the lonely, magnetic man who has popped into her life solely to piss her off. Slade loves her, despite the bright cameras and hot women and the ongoing pressure to succeed.

Doesn’t he love her?

Slade’s getting closer to Charlie’s new friend, a girl who blushes in his presence and changes face as soon as he leaves. Reagan seems sweet and everyone tells Charlie she’s adorable, cute…innocent as an angel. But Charlie’s starting to see her differently. Problem is, no one believes her.

Simple jealousy, or a warning of what’s to come?

Someone’s plotting a murder, and its execution hinges on Charlie’s choice. If she turns the wrong way, ignores the right signals, and chooses the wrong man, well…

The ultimate sin will result.

Series Reading Order:

#1 Snapped ~ my review
#2 Shade ~ my review
#3 Sin
#4 Sacred
#5 Suspect
#6 Surrender
#7 Stay


Now we are getting somewhere with the story. The story line in Sin moved along faster than the previous book in the series. And I’m loving it so much more now.

These characters are so interesting and complex. Just when I think that I have them all figured out and know who’s side they are on and what they have been doing, the author throws another curve ball in and I’m back to square one again. I just can’t figure out how some of them are turning into complete opposite of themselves.

And don’t get me started on some of the revelations. There are some pretty big ones in this story. The secrets and lies that they are all telling each other and themselves. I just want to shake them all out of them silly selves.

But that ending! Did not see that coming at all. Give me more!


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