{Review} Suspect (Snapped #5)


Suspect by Ketley Allison
Snapped #5
Read April 2015
4 stars



“I saw it in his eyes.” I crossed my arms. “They’re going after me. I seriously think I’m their top suspect. Didn’t you see the way they looked at me just now? And the questions. It’s because of the fight. I should’ve called the police!” Fingers tangled in my hair, I strode back and forth. “Why didn’t I press charges when I could? How could I have listened to you over something like that? And who in God’s name killed? Because it wasn’t me!” I smashed my pointer finger into my chest. “It wasn’t me!”
The police have their prime suspect. More importantly, they have motive.
SACRED had you reeling, but SUSPECT will have you desperate to figure out the ultimate truth.Who snapped?

Series Reading Order:

#1 Snapped ~ my review
#2 Shade ~ my review
#3 Sin ~ my review
#4 Sacred ~ my review
#5 Suspect
#6 Surrender
#7 Stay


Couldn’t read this book fast enough. I just wanted to know if I would find out who did it or at least narrow down the list of suspect. Neither of which happened.

Everybody is a suspect in the murder, yet everybody including the police think that Charlie did it despite proclaiming her innocence. Nobody wants to believe her, even her boyfriend has he doubts. Charlie has stood by Slade in everything and now he is not sure about her. I think think there is more to him than meets the eye.

All all the evidence that was produced and the fights between the main characters, I still no closer to really guessing who did the murder. This series is so addictive. I’m on to the next book like right now.

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