{Review} Man Love Box Set

Review will be updated with each book that I read


Man Love Box Set by C.J. Sneere and Leigh Foxlee
Read July 2015



Love and passion know no boundaries. The heart wants what the heart wants.

This box set from international bestselling authors C.J. Sneere and Leigh Foxlee brings together the best of their gay erotic romance stories. Tales of protective alpha werewolves and shifters, of mysterious Russian occultists, and star-crossed lovers.

Escape inside the pages of these wild, hot reads and lose yourself!


Bad Boy Biker. Read July 2015. 4 stars
I’ve read MC romances. I’ve read paranormal. I’ve read MM romances. But I have never read a book with all three of these elements together. And for some strange reason it worked really well. I loved this story. It had just the right mix of all the above genres that I couldn’t put it down. Plus this story is really hot. Probably one of the hottest MM romances I’ve read to date.

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