{Review} My Dutch Billionaire: Part Two (My Dutch Billionaire #2)

my dutch billionaire 2 small

My Dutch Billionaire: Part Two by Marian Tee
My Dutch Billionaire #2
Read October 2015
4 stars



He’s Willem de Konigh. 33 years old. A coldly handsome, excruciatingly polite Dutch billionaire who’s always gotten what he wanted. Only this time, he realizes what he wants the most is the one woman who wasn’t for him.
She’s Serenity Raleigh. 19 years old. A painfully insecure childhood friend of the billionaire who used to love him from afar…until she realized that it would never work between them.
But things have suddenly changed.
Willem now wants her back in his life. In his arms. In his bed.
But he also wants her to play by his rules.

This is Book 2 of Willem and Serenity’s love story.

Series Reading Order

#1 My Dutch Billionaire: Part One
#2 My Dutch Billionaire: Part Two
#3 My Dutch Billionaire: Part Three


OMG! OMG! OMG! I could seriously kill Willem right about now. He is such an idiot (and that’s putting it nicely). After everything that he went through to get Serenity back, he just goes and does that. I mean WOW! How can he still be so blind to what is in his heart and what everybody else can see? He really is starting to get on my nerves, but at the same time I’m addicted and can’t get enough of this couple.

I really want Serenity and Willem to get their happy endings, but Willem seriously needs to some major grovelling after everything that he has put her through. I mean the mans just…… pissing me off majorly. At this stage he doesn’t deserve Serenity’s love.

So glad I don’t have to wait for the next book in the series because I think it would seriously kill me. I need to know now… book 3 here I come.


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