{Review} Owning Her Innocence (Innocence #1)

owning her innocence

Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley
Innocence #1
Read January 2016
3 stars



William Darkling is a successful, sexy, older bachelor with the world at his feet, but he’s missing the one thing he needs more than anything.

Haley has just turned eighteen. She’s ready to learn about love and shed some of her innocence. After a traumatic birthday party, she wakes up tied to a bed at the mercy of the person she trusts most.

Haley has always been his pet, but now William wants more. He wants to love her as every Daddy should love his little girl

Warning: There is sweetly sexy, explicit, dirty fun inside this short novella, along with DD/lg play.

Series Reading Order

#1 Owning Her Innocence
#2 Innocent Getaway
#3 Innocent Christmas


This is book is way over the top cheesy and as smutty as hell, but oh so addictive.

I’ve never read a DD/LG book before and was a little curious, so I thought why not. At first I was like ‘what have a got myself in to?’ But then it was just so over the top and I was sucked in. I just had to keep reading to find out what would happen next.

Haley is just too innocent for someone who just turn 18 that it wasn’t believable. Daddy William is in a class of his own. But who cares? It makes for a a great story for a quick hot read.

3 thoughts on “{Review} Owning Her Innocence (Innocence #1)”

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