{Review} Innocent Christmas (Innocence #3)

innocent christmas

Innocent Christmas by Alexa Riley
Innocence #3
Read January 2016
3 stars



It’s a Christmas wedding for Daddy William and his little, Haley.

The final chapter in their story is one with a little pink, lots of bows, and lots of Daddy’s attention.

Warning: Their happily ever after is filled with full-time DD/lg play as William and Haley embrace their lifestyle with open arms. If being innocent at Christmas is a dream come true, then this is the novella for you!

NOTE: Innocent Christmas can be read as a standalone but might be more enjoyable after reading Owning Her Innocence & Innocent Getaway.

Series Reading Order

#1 Owning Her Innocence ~ my review
#2 Innocent Getaway ~ my review
#3 Innocent Christmas


Daddy William and Haley are finally getting their happy ever after. I glad to see that they got everything that they ever wanted including each other.

I felt they that they had both grown in their relationship a lot more from the previous story. Also Haley didn’t seem to get on my nervous as much. While there were some part that where just over the top for me, the story flowed more smoothly for me.


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