{Review} Play Hard (Hot For Him #1)

Play Hard Cover

Play Hard by J.T. Fox
Hot For Him #1
Read January 2016
4 stars



Wanting him is the riskiest play of all…

Miami star quarterback Jordan Barr is the hottest man that halfback Eric “The Brick” Higgins has ever laid eyes on, and he’s wanted him in his bed for years.

When a chance encounter puts the two pro football players in the same town, the same TV studio, and the same locked room, the sparks don’t just fly, they burn. The chemistry between them is intense, immediate, and explosive and Eric isn’t about to miss his chance to have Jordan off the field. He’ll have Jordan naked in his bed—rumors of game fixing haunting both of their teams be damned.

Eric is one extraordinarily stunning man, and Jordan would love nothing more than to show Eric what it’s like to be taken by someone who knows exactly what he wants, in the bedroom and out. But Jordan has bills to pay and far too many responsibilities to throw caution to the wind.

He has to resist. But it’s getting hard….

Really, really hard.

WARNING: Contains two dirty-talking, hard-f*cking, no-apology-making alpha males. Read at your own risk.

Series Reading Order

#1 Play Hard
#2 Play Harder
#3 Play Hardest


OMG! OMG! OMG! This book is one hot read. I mean like… WOW! I’m still trying to process my thoughts but I’m totally in love with Eric and Jordan and there forbidden love for each other. The more they try to deny each other and hotter it is when they meet the next time around.

How can you not love them? Two closet pro-football stars returning to home turf, but playing opposite teams, trying to ignore the attraction that they have for each other. Just know that alone was enough to get me to open the book and start reading.

The author has a magical way with word and telling the story that before I knew it I had already finished the whole book in one sitting. I never wanted it to end. But ending… major cliffhanger and I’m so intrigued to find out what happens next.

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