{Review} Taking What’s Hers (Forced Submission #3)

taking whats hers

Taking What’s Hers by Alexa Riley
Forced Submission #3
Read February 2016
2 stars



We’ve all been that girl.

Maybe you did a little social media stalking to check him out. Maybe you just drove by his house to see if he was home. Maybe you took it a step further and followed him once or twice.

We’ve all gone a little crazy over a guy before.

I went a little crazy. That’s how Archer Ware ended up tied to the bed. I should probably feel bad about it, and maybe once I get what I want, I will. But right now he’s mine, and that’s all I care about.

This isn’t the forced submission story you’re used to. Valentina will stop at nothing to have the man she wants, and Archer can only take what she gives.

Warning: This book contains an obsessed heroine at threat-level red, a sexy billionaire with a secret of his own, and a story so hot, firefighters can’t put out the flames.

Not responsible if firefighters show up looking to help you out.

Series Reading Order

#1 Taking What’s Mine
#2 Taking What’s Ours
#3 Taking What’s Hers
#4 Taking What’s His
#5 Taking What’s Wicked
#6 Taking What’s Naughty ~ my review


I’m not really sure what to think about this story. While it did seem a little bit over the top and unbelievable it was still an enjoyable story.

I was just getting into when the POV changed. I don’t mind dual, triple or even multi POV when it adds more depth to the story. However with this story and the POV change, I was just reading the same story from the other main characters perspective. I was hoping that the story would continue from the hero’s POV, but it didn’t.

After that I didn’t really care what the characters did next. Shame really; it could have been a good story otherwise.


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