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Title : Courtesan
Author : S. C. Daiko
Genre: Erotica/Erotic Romance




It’s not every day a girl gets to meet the most powerful man in the world – but it’s not every girl that’s deemed USEFUL. I’ve been deemed USEFUL to the heir apparent to the Roman Emperor!

My skin prickles with awareness of him.

His hips form a perfect V; his chest seems forged from iron.

I long to touch him.

I long to be possessed by him.

I long to lose all sense of Theodora and be lost in Justinian.

Crazy, impetuous, domineering Justinian. With each word he speaks, I drift deeper into the maelstrom of his mind.

They tell me he has unusual tastes. They tell me I must surrender to him. But as a former courtesan, it’s mostly been ME in charge. I’ve given pleasure to many, secure in my own sensuality, except now THIS man, this beautiful, fascinating man is pushing me… changing me… showing me the bittersweet pleasure in pain.

But when his true plans for me reveal themselves, and the darkness in Justinian comes to the fore, he threatens my integrity… threatens my very spirit.

Will his darkness swallow me whole?

I’m about to find out.



I watch him watching us, imagining how he would take me.

I send him the message with my eyes.

This is who I am.

I am Veronica Franco.


I court the cultural elite for fame and fortune, giving my body to many.

And I’m good. So very good. After all, I was taught by my mother, and mother always knows best.

How else to please the future King of France than with the imaginative use of Murano glass? How else to fulfill the desires of all yet keep my sense of self-worth?

But when disaster strikes and my life begins to unravel, I’ll have to ask myself one question:

Is it too late to give my heart to just one man?


Advisory: vivid erotica and BDSM, MF, MFM, FFM, MM and FF. Most definitely 18+

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About the author

S. C. Daiko is an erotic romance author.

When she isn’t bringing her fantasies to life on the page, she enjoys the sweet life of the Veneto in northern Italy – where she lives with her husband and two cats.

She writes historical fiction under the name Siobhan Daiko.

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