{Review} One Dom To Love (The Doms Of Her Life #1)

one dom to love

One Dom to Love by Shayle Black, Jenna Jacob & Isabelle Lapearl
The Doms of Her Life #1
Read August 2016
3 stars



Raine Kendall has been in love with her boss, Macen Hammerman, for years. Determined to make the man notice that she’s a grown woman with desires and needs, she pours out her heart and offers her body to him—only to be crushingly rejected. But when his friend, very single, very sexy Liam O’Neill watches the other Dom refuse to act on his obvious feelings for Raine, he resolves to step in and do whatever it takes to help Hammer find happiness again, even rousing his friend’s possessive instincts by making the girl a proposition too tempting to refuse. But he never imagines that he’ll end up falling for her himself.

Hammer has buried his lust for Raine for years. After rescuing the budding runaway from an alley behind his exclusive BDSM Dungeon, he has come to covet the pretty submissive. But tragedy has taught him that he can never be what she needs. So he watches over her while struggling to keep his distance. Liam’s crafty plan blindsides Hammer, especially when he sees how determined his friend is to possess Raine for his own. Hammer isn’t ready to give the lovely submissive over to any other Dom, but can he heal from his past and fight for her? Or will he lose Raine if she truly gives herself—heart, body, and soul—to Liam?

Series Reading Order

#1 One Dom To Love
#2 The Young and the Submissive
#3 The Bold and the Dominant
#4 The Edge of Dominance


One dom to love was a very interesting story and didn’t go the way that I expected it to. But in some ways I’m grateful for that. It’s not very exciting if I discover the big ‘secret’ right at the start of the story.

For the first book in the series there was lots of character development and back story to keep the reader guessing. But in some points along the way I was wishing for just a little bit more of the characters past to better understand their decisions. It would have also helped to know who’s point of view I was following. At the start it was a bit confusing but I got there in the end.

That being said, I can’t wait to read the next book to find out more.

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