2017 Reading Challenge Rundown

I loved doing the reading challenges from last year, even if I did get a bit lazy towards the end. But nevertheless I’m back again and will see how I go this year.

Progress from the challenges can be found on my 2017 Challenges page.


2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

To read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet.


Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

To read a book each month relating to the chosen key words.


Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2017

To read as many contemporary romances within the year as possible. I have selected ‘Home Run’; which is 16-20 for the year.


The Colour Coded Challenge

To read a book with the colour in the title or is the dominant colour on the cover

Read It Again, Sam

A re-reading challenge. I have selected ‘Feeling Nostalgic’; which is 8 books.


2017 Mount TBR Challenge

To read books that are already on your TBR list. I have selected ‘Pike’s Peak’; which is 12 books

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Going to aim for 50 books this year, since I want to do more re-reading this year.

Personal Goal: 15 paperbacks

I didn’t go to will with this last year, so I have halved it and hopefully this will be more achievable.

Your Thoughts:

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