2019 Reading Challenge Rundown

2018 saw me hit another reading slump even thou it was more than 2017 it was still way below what i would normally read in a year. I even stopped blogging thinking it would help with more reading time, but it didn’t really. So I’m signing up to some reading challenges again this year with the aim to read more.

alphabet soup 2019.jpg

2019 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

To read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet

print only 2019.jpg

Print Only 2019 Reading Challenge

To read as many physical book as possible. I’m aiming for out of print 1-10 books.

Monthly Key Word Challenge 2018

Monthly Keyword Challenge 2019

To read a book to relates to the keywords for that month

contemp romance 2019.jpg

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2019

Read as many contemporary romance books as possible for the year. I’m aiming for 2nd base 6-10 books


Colour Coded Reading Challenge 2019

To read books that have a colour in the title or is the dominant colour on the books’ cover

Read it again, Sam 2019

To re-read books that you have loved and feel like visiting again. I’m aiming for Deja Vu: 4 books

royal reading 2019.jpg

Royal Reading Challenge 2019

Read books that have a royal theme to theme. I’m aiming for Knight 1-3 books

book to movie 2019.jpg

2019 Book to Movie Reading Challenge

To read books that have been made turned into movies and/or TV shows. I’m aiming for Level 3A: to read 1-3 books and watch 1-3 movies from any year release.

oldie but goodie 2019.jpg

Oldie But A Goodie Romance Reading Challenge 2019

To reading historical romances published before 2010. I’m aiming for ‘The newbie looking for a swoon worthy adventure’ 5-10 books

beat the backlist 2019.jpg

2019 Beat The Back List

To read books that have been sitting on your TBR pile for what seems like forever. I’m just a reader this year and won’t be participating in the Hogwarts mini house challenge.

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