2020 Reading Challenge Rundown

It’s that time of year again. Time is set all the resolutions, goals and challenges we want to achieve by the end of the year. Whether we actually stick with them is another thing. But it is an adventure along the way.


2020 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

To read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet


Print Only 2020 Reading Challenge

To read as many physical book as possible. I’m aiming for 10-19 books (Semi Pro Status)


Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge 2020

To read a book to relates to the keywords for that month

Colour Coded Reading Challenge

To read books that have a colour in the title or is the dominant colour on the books’ cover

Read It Again, Sam

To re-read books that you have loved and feel like visiting again. I’m aiming for Deja Vu: 4 books


2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge

Read one book per month relating to each romance genre


Beat The Backlist

To read books that have been sitting on your TBR pile for what seems like forever. My team for the year will be ‘the borrowers’

Your Thoughts:

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