2022 Reading Challenges

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2022 Romance Book Reading Challenge

Jan – Historical Romance

Feb – Sports Romance

March – Office Romance

April – First in a Romance Series

May – Slow Burn Romance

June – #OwnVoices Romance

July – Romance that Inspires Travel

August – Royal Romance

September – New Adult Romance

October – Fantasy Romance

November – Romance Retelling

December – New Author to You

2022 Finishing The Series Reading Challenge

C-List series finisher: complete 1 – 4 Series





2022 Four Moon Reading Challenge

  1. A book about or involving a lie
  2. A book with a moon or stars on the cover
  3. A book chosen by a child (this could be literally any book. Children’s books, comic books, etc)
  4. A book out of season (literally any book that takes place in a season you aren’t in when you read it)
  5. A book with less than 100 ratings on Goodreads
  6. A book with a beautiful cover
  7. A book with an insect on the front
  8. A book that looks like another book you’ve read (just a book that has a visual similarity to another book you’ve read at some point in time)
  9. Read the first book in a trilogy (doesn’t have to be the same trilogy as prompts 10 & 11)
  10. Read the second book in a trilogy
  11. Read the third book in a trilogy
  12.  Has less than 3 colours on the cover
  13. Newest book on you TBR shelf (the newest book you acquired as a gift, brought yourself or borrowed from the library)
  14. On your bookshelf or TBR for 2+ years
  15. A book involving a family (could involve any family dynamic)
  16. Written by an author you love
  17. Written by an author you’ve never read before
  18. A book with a textured cover (where the cover has parts on it that are raised so you can feel them)
  19. Flip a coin (choose two books then flip a coin to see which one to read)
  20. Has a number in the title
  21. Has your favourite fictitious character in it (could be anything nonhuman that doesn’t actually exist in the real world)
  22. Read the book about adoption
  23. Has your favourite colour on the cover
  24. Has an interesting title (any book where the title intrigues you)
  25. Read a book then leave a review
  26. A book that fits a prompt for another reading challenge
  27. A book featuring music
  28. A book on a sensitive subject (this is any topic you believe is a sensitive subject, do not read something that is going to trigger you)
  29. A book that has won the GoodReads Choice Awards (any year, any topic)
  30. A retelling
  31. A book released 5+ years ago
  32. Read a middle grade book
  33. A book with an even number of pages
  34. A book you bought because of social media
  35. A book about or involving cooking
  36. A book with all the colours of the rainbow on the cover (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  37. A book with a 40+ year old main character
  38. A book that has pictures
  39. Has one of the four elements on the cover (earth, air, water, fire)
  40. A nonfiction book on a person or subject you know nothing about

The Nerd Daily’s 2022 Reading Challenge

  1. Book with red spine
  2. Debut author
  3. Bookstore recommendation
  4. Title starts with F or S
  5. Mystery or Middle Grade
  6. New York Times Bestseller
  7. Set in Summer
  8. Brought Based on Cover
  9. An Anthology
  10. Recommended by Family/Friend
  11. Part of a Series
  12. 2022 Movie Adaption
  13. Reviewed by Nerd Daily in 2022
  14. Author staring with R
  15. A Retelling
  16. YA or Sci-Fi
  17. Released in Feb 2022
  18. Under 350 Pages
  19. Four Word Title
  20. Fantasy or Romance
  21. A Book You Never Finished
  22. Purple on Cover
  23. Reread
  24. Recommended on Social Media
  25. Protagonist Starts with B
  26. Standalone
  27. 2022 TV Adaption
  28. An Author New to You
  29. Released in July 2022
  30. #OwnVoices Author
  31. A Questionable Cover
  32. Author Starting with G
  33. A book gifted you
  34. Protagonist starts with T
  35. In your TBR pile
  36. Non-fiction or Audiobook
  37. #booktok recommendation
  38. Published in you birthday month
  39. Setting: where you’d rather be
  40. Written by your fave author
  41. Features a journey
  42. Start a new series
  43. Number in title
  44. Released before you were born
  45. Picked at random
  46. Quoted by an author you like
  47. Illustrated cover
  48. One word title
  49. Brought on holidays
  50. Book with blue spine
  51. Multiple perspectives
  52. BIPOC author

Fairytale Reading Challenge 2022

January – Snow White

February – Beauty and the Beast

March – Mulan

April – Cinderella

May – Rapunzel

June – The little mermaid

July – Aladdin

August – Robin Hood

September – Hansel and Gretel

October – Rumplestiltskin

November – Bluebeard

December – The nutcracker

2022 Disney Princess Reading Challenge

Belle – Don’t judge a book by its cover. Read a book with an ugly cover

Mulan – read a book with Asian rep

Aurora – a book that’s slept on; doesn’t have much hype

Ariel – read a book to do with the ocean

Jasmine – read a book set in the Middle East

Pocahontas – read a book by an indigenous author

Snow White – read a classic

Moana – read a book with a journey or quest

Merida – read a book set in Scotland

Elsa – read a book set in winter

Cinderella – a book with royalty

Tiana – read a book with food

Rapunzel – read a book where the main character is trapped

2022 Romance Reading Challenge

1. On Your TBR the Longest
2. Small Town
3. Book you Bought for the Cover
4. Mafia Romance
5. Fae
6. Favourite Author
7. No People on the Cover
8. Teacher
9. Indie Author
10. Colour in the Title
11. Series You Need to Finish
12. Historical Romance Not Set in England
13. Shifter
14. Book Recommended to You
15. Enemies to Lovers
16. Illustrated Cover
17. Amazon Bestseller
18. Own Voices
19. Motorcycle Club Romance
20. Rom-Com
21. Tortured Hero
22. Office Romance
23. Title Starts with the Letter of Your First Name
24. LGBTQ+
25. New to you Author
26. Rockstar
27. Sports Romance
28. Age Gap
29. Vampire
30. Romantic Suspense
31. Someone in Their Underwear on the Cover
32. Title Longer than 5 Words
33. Attorney
34. Goodreads Romance Nominee
35. Interracial Couple
36. Fake Dating

Beat The Backlist 2022





  1. brought it for the cover
  2. trending on #booktok
  3. Illustrated cover
  4. a friend’s favourite
  5. otherworldly
  6. inspiring change
  7. love story
  8. start of a series
  9. a classic
  10. Australian author
  11. a book you keep seeing
  12. number in the title
  13. re-read a favourite
  14. from where you’d rather be
  15. an adventure
  16. feel good
  17. released this year
  18. award-winner
  19. first nations author
  20. dymocks book of the month

Extra Challenging

  1. 450+ pages
  2. a book older than you
  3. bottom of your TBR pile
  4. finished in a day
  5. read entirely outside
  6. out of your comfort zone

Goodreads Challenge

30 books

2022 Reads

2022 Reading Challenge Rundown

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