Your captain speaking here is Karine. Bookshelf dreaming coming about when I was holidaying with my partner. I have been blogging for a while, but nothing seems to stick. I always get bored and just post so randomly, that there is no point to the blog in the end.

However I have never stopped reading, so why not combine the two? Yes a perfect solution is born.

I’m mostly in love with paranormal, erotic romance and fantasy novels (a mix of all three is just heaven), but have also been know to read just about anything. I’m also teremined to finish every book that I start, whether I really like it or not. I’ll never know if it improved if I don’t finish it.

I have a huge collection of books that I would like to read, that keeps growing by the minute, yet my read list is not growing as fast.

If life were easy and I had nothing else to do, I would be reading every minute of the day. However life happens and I read around it.

Contact Information

email: bsdbookblog@outlook.com
twitter    @bookshelfdream


Ratings Explained

5+ stars: Totally Totally in love with this book.

5 stars: Totally in love with this book.

4 stars: Really liked this book a lot

3 stars: Neither liked or disliked this book

2 stars: More disliked than liked

1 star: Not for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you

0 stars: Should this ever happen, I will be really surprised


ARC: Advanced Reader Copy

DNF: Did Not Finish (Hopefully I will never use this)

POV: Point of View

TBR: To Be Read

OPT: One True Pairing (Soul Mates)


All books reviewed on this site are of my own personal opinion. The books have either been lent by the author for early review, have been personally purchased by me, lent by a friend or family member or borrowed from the library.

I do not receive any money for writing these reviews. Every person is different, therefore please respect my reviews/ratings and I know these may not reflect your own.



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