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{Review} Zenith Hotel

Zenith Hotel

Zenith Hotel by Oscar Coop-Phane
Read November 2014
1 star



This was totally not what I expected at all. It sounded so promising having won some highly placed awards and lots of people raving about it. Truthfully I could barely get through it. It was such a struggle. I was going to put it down and strike it out. But it’s only a short story so I finished it. Now I wish I put that time into another book.

The story follows a dirty, ‘real’ street whore and the lives of the people she meets. And that’s all I really seems to get from it. I didn’t feel connected to the story at all. The main character is just boring. Her days are always the same. Not much of a story really.

Hey, maybe you will read it and like it. But thus one was not for me.


{Review} The Billionaire’s Toy (Last Day #1)

the billionaires toy

The Billionaire’s Toy by T.B. Weakes
Last Day #1
Read March 2014
1 star



Alisha Clark has been Carson Reid´s secretary for an agonizing year, the chemistry between them starts to burn beneath the surface. They express their feelings for each other with a passionate kiss at the office party, which leads to them reaching boiling point. Alisha finds herself faced with a daunting new proposition the following morning: does she cut ties with her imposing boss once and for all, or does take up his offer – an agreement that will mean giving her mind and body over to Carson in every way imaginable.

The Last Day trilogy is sensual and mysterious, which will intrigue you and have you coming back for more.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Series Reading Order

#1 The Billionaires Toy
#2 TBA


This book is just all over the place. There are some good points in this novel, that if they were explored further would have made it more enjoyable…maybe! By the end I felt I knew more about Alisha’s 30G bust, then her actual love for her boss, Mr Carson Reid.

The story needs a good once over by a proofreader and by the end of the story a just started to read what I wanted to read not what was actually written. Random words here and there were throwing me off the story line. Also there is a lot of jumping between past and present without any real connection. There are even spots where the font sizes are completely different.

I just couldn’t get into this story. However I did finish it just to see if it got any better, unfortunately it didn’t. Don’t know if I’ll read the next one yet.