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{Images} 12 Days of Gideon

Day 1

12 days of gideon 1

Day 2
12 days of gideon 2
Day 3
12 days of gideon 3
Day 4
12 days of gideon 4
Day 5
12 days of gideon 5Day 6

12 days of gideon 6

 12 days of gideon 7

12 days of gideon 8

12 days of gideon 9

12 days of gideon 10

12 days of gideon 11

12 days of gideon 12


{Image} When you read a book…

when u read a book

{Image} 50 Shades of Grey Wine

50 Shades Of Grey Wine

{Image} Stop fighting

book fighting

I couldn’t agree more. I am one for the story and I don’t care how I read it, as long as I do.


{Random} The avant-garde art of book stacking in stores of Japan

Below is a link to the art of book stacking in some Japanese store. Some of these are pretty amazing.

“With bookstores in Japan overflowing with manga, novels and non-fiction, it takes a lot to stand out and get noticed. However, with the advent of the three styles of book stacking we’re going to show, it’s impossible for passersby not to stop and take a gander at these literary works.”

Below are 3 images of the basic styles that they look at in the article. Enjoy!




{Image} Book T-shirts

During my time wasted in pinterest, I have pinned many things. Below are some of the book/reading related t-shirts that I have found.

book tshirt

book tshirt 2

book tshirt 3

{Image} Simple reading equation

simple reading eq

{Image} She who reads…

booked every nite

{Image} Wrong book store?

wrong book store

{Image} Look out!!!

book ninja