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2018 Reading Challenge Rundown

After hitting a major reading slump in 2017, I’m hoping that completing some reading challenges will help be get my reading mojo back on track. When reading for challenges to do this year, I found so many good ones and I wanted to do them all. But alas it’s not possible, unless I read all day every day. Now this sounds like a good plan.

2018 alphabet soup reading challenge.png

2018 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

To read a different book starting with every letter of the alphabet

2018 contemporary romance challenge.jpg

2018 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

To read as many contemporary romances as you can within the year. I’m aiming for 2nd base -> 6-10 Books

Strictly Print Reading Challenge

To read print books that have been gathering on your shelves instead of ebooks. I’m aiming for board books -> 12 Books


2018 Colour Coded Challenge

To read books that have a colour in the title or is the dominant colour on the books’ cover

Read It Again, Sam

To re-read books that you have loved and feel like visiting again. I’m aiming for feeling nostalgic -> 8 Books

Monthly Key Word Challenge 2018.jpg

Monthly Keyword Challenge

To read a book each month that relates to the chosen keywords for that month


Author Love Challenge

To pick an author that you want to read more books from. I’ve picked Pepper Winters and aim to read 6 books


2018 Finishing The Series Reading Challenge

To finish reading books in series that you have started but never got around to finishing. I’m aiming for C-list series finisher -> complete 1-4 series


Books N’ Tunes Challenge

To match up books you read to music that you listen to. I’m aiming for level one – hum baby -> 10 items/10 tunes


The Bad Boys Of Romance Challenge

To read books that feature bad boys from romance novels. I’m aiming for level one – capturing the bad boy -> 5-9 Books


2018 Beat The Backlist

To read books that have been sitting on your TBR pile for what seems like forever. People are assigned a team and then work towards collecting points for their team. My team is ‘Dewey Dragons’. I’m aiming to at least knock 12 books off my pile


2018 book to movie challenge.jpg

2018 Book To Movie Reading Challenge

To read books that have been made into movies or TV series. I’m aiming for level 3A.


2017 Reading Challenge Rundown

I loved doing the reading challenges from last year, even if I did get a bit lazy towards the end. But nevertheless I’m back again and will see how I go this year.

Progress from the challenges can be found on my 2017 Challenges page.


2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

To read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet.


Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

To read a book each month relating to the chosen key words.


Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2017

To read as many contemporary romances within the year as possible. I have selected ‘Home Run’; which is 16-20 for the year.


The Colour Coded Challenge

To read a book with the colour in the title or is the dominant colour on the cover

Read It Again, Sam

A re-reading challenge. I have selected ‘Feeling Nostalgic’; which is 8 books.


2017 Mount TBR Challenge

To read books that are already on your TBR list. I have selected ‘Pike’s Peak’; which is 12 books

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Going to aim for 50 books this year, since I want to do more re-reading this year.

Personal Goal: 15 paperbacks

I didn’t go to will with this last year, so I have halved it and hopefully this will be more achievable.

2016 Reading Challenges Rundown

So after attempting a few reading challenges for the first time last year and having varying success with them, I decided to do a few different ones.

During 2015 there were two challenges that I really liked and discovered over at Seriesous Book Reviews. They were the prequels & sequels challenge and the monthly keyword challenge. I’m going to be doing the Monthly Keyword Challenge (new blog hosting it this year) and have just started a new series check list page to track my series reading progress. Personally I would like to finish off some of the series’s that I have started. I seem to have made a habit of reading the first book but never read the rest of the series.

Another discovery is the Around the World challenge. This is where you read books and mark the places you read about. But it also includes mini-challenges. Loving the sound of this one.

I will also be returning to the Alphabet Challenge and the Goodreads reading challenge.

I don’t really like the look of the popsugar reading challenge this year, so I will be giving that one a miss and the TBR pile Challenge (that I totally failed) has been cancelled for this year, but many different versions can be found on many different blogs.

My one personal challenge to myself this year is to read at least 30 paperbacks. 2015 saw me reading a lot of ebooks. While I don’t have I problem with that, my paperback collection was still growing and not getting read

However I believe the 5 main challenge I have should keep me entertained throughout the new year. Also any monthly challenges I see fit to do will be added to the list. I hope to do the Reading my library monthly challenge again.

I will be keeping track for my progress on my 2016 Challenges Page. So check back throughout the year to see how I am tracking with this years challenges.

Now for the challenges:

2016 Alphabet Soup Challenge


I have to read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet. Sounds easy enough, but after last year I discovered that I keep reading books that started with the same letters. Might have to try and knock them off early in the year.

2016 Monthly Keyword Challenge

2016 monthly keyword challenge

Another fun challenge. To read a book (or more) relating to the chosen keywords for each month. I’m going in totally blind for this one. I haven’t pre-selected any books, but I’m pretty sure I have a book in my collection for each month.

Around The World 2016

List all the places that I visit in the book that I read during the year. This looks like another fun challenge. I don’t know if I will do any of the mini-challenges, but I will see how things work out. Who knows maybe I’ll complete them without realizing it.


Goodreads Reading Challenge

To read 70 books for the year

Personal: Paperback Goal

To read at least 30 paperbacks. I miss the feel of reading a paper book. Plus I have to many unread on my shelves.

2015 Reading Challenges Rundown

This year I have decided to participate in a few different reading challenges along with the normal Goodreads one that I have been doing for the past few year. I might cheat a little and if one book works for more than one challenge, I will cross it off mulitple lists.

This is meant to be something fun, NOT stressful. If I don’t finish them, I don’t really mind.

I will be keeping track of my progress on the 2015 Challenges page. So check back if you want to see how I are tracking through the year.

Now for the challenges:

2015 Popsugar Ultimate Reading Challenge


2015 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

This one should be fun. I have to read a book starting with every letter of the Alphabet if possible.  All the rules can be found at the above link if you would like to join in too


2015 TBR Pile Challenge

This one should be good since I have so many books to read, but keep reading the new one instead of the old ones sitting on the shelf. I really want to see how I go with this one. This will be the only challenge that I will list the books before I read them. So a better choose wisely I think.