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{Review} Only For You (One Night of Passion #3)


Only For You by Beth Kery
One Night of Passion #3 (can be read as a standalone)
Read June 2015
3 stars



Never date actresses: that’s the rule former Army intelligence officer turned special effects makeup artist Seth Hightower lives by. There’s only ever been one woman who truly tempted him, leading to a night of uninhibited passion – and a lifetime of what-ifs.

When Hollywood ‘It’ girl Gia Harris witnesses a heinous crime, things quickly become too dangerous for her to remain in the spotlight. Seth’s knowledge of disguise makes him invaluable to Gia, but their history makes him the last person she wants to turn to.

They can hide from the media circus, but Seth and Gia can’t escape the blistering attraction between them. And when they give into one another, they reveal more than they’ve ever laid bare before…

Series Reading Order
Standalone series with previous character appearances

#1 Addicted to You
#1.5 Bound to You
#1.6 Captured by You
#2 Exposed to You
#3 Only for You


I liked this book and didn’t realize it was part of a series til I was half way though. But you don’t need to read the others in the series to understand what is happening. I was only wondering because some of the other characters were close to the main characters and had met previously, hinting that this may be a book series.

Nevertheless Only For You is a very enjoyable read and some parts are very steamy. When the Gia and Seth finally put aside their difference and get together is was page melting hot. However besides all this, I felt that there wasn’t much else happening in the story. I know there was more to the story, it was mentioned but not as much as I would have liked. I wanted to read more about what was also happening around the couple while they were hiding out.

The story did finish on a happy note as that is always a positive.

Top Ten Books On My TBR For Winter 2015

How I’m tracking so far with my seasonal TBR lists for this year

  • Summer 2014/2015 ~ 2/10 (18 extra)
  • Autumn 2015 ~ 4/10 (15 extra)

Slowly getting better at reading the books I place on these lists. So without further delay, below is a list of books I hope to read this winter.

VINTAGE VOLUME TWO AMAZON COVERsatisfaction AU covertwsited together cover

1. Vintage Vol 2 (Vintage #2) by Lisa Suzanne (Read June 2015 review)

2. Satisfaction (Temptation #2) by KM Golland

3. Twisted Together (Monster in the Dark #3) by Pepper Winters

CrashRide_Cover_2(1)winters.RuinandRule.trGetting Dirty coverJettGirlCover

4. Crash Ride (Power Station #2) by T Gephart

5. Ruin and Rule (Pure Corruption MC #1) by Pepper Winters (Read June 2015 review)

6. Getting Dirty (Jail Bait #1) by Mia Storm (Read August 2015 review)

7. Becoming a Jett Girl (The Bourbon Series #1) by Meghan Quinn

manwhore coverCommand MePulse_AmityCross_kdp

8. Manwhore (Manwhore #1) by Katy Evans

9. Command Me (The Royal Saga #1) by Geneva Lee

10. Pulse (The Beat and the Pulse #2) by Amity Cross

And a space for all the other books I will read that are not on the above list (because it’s going to happen no matter what)

sibling rivalry coverA Vixen In Venice CoverThe Unyielding Bacheloronly-for-you

Sibling Rivalry by T.S. Irons (Read June 2015 review)

A Vixen In Venice by Kate Deveaux (Read June, 2015 review)

The Unyielding Bachelor (Captured by Love #2) by Miranda P Charles (Read June 2015 review)

Only For You (One Night of Passion #3) by Beth Kery (Read June 2015 review)

My Wicked Stepsisterbillionaire bargain 2What Janie Wants-eBookcompulsion

My Wicked Stepsister by T.S. Irons (Read June 2015 review)

The Billionaire Bargain 2 (The Billionaire Bargain #2) by Lila Monroe (Read June 2015 review)

What Janie Wants by Rhenna Morgan (Read June 2015 review)

Compulsion (Magnetic Desires #1) by Misti Murphy (Read July 2015 review)

addictionbillionaire in the dark coverbillionaire bargain 3his enemy's son

Addiction (Magnetic Desires #2) by Misti Murphy (Read July 2015 review)

Billionaire in the Dark (Billionaire in the Dark #1) by Eden Claire (read July 2015 review)

The Billionaire Bargain 3 (The Billionaire Bargain #3) by Lila Monroe (Read July 2015 review)

His Enemy’s Son by Iyana Jenna (Read July 2015 review)

The Scene Ebook CoverTheVoyeurNextDoorsweet furysweetly broken

The Scene (The Scene #1) by Roxy Sloane (Read July 2015 review)

The Voyeur Next Door by Airicka Phoenix (Read July 2015 review)

Sweet Fury (Black Heart #1) by Michelle Congdon (read July 2015 review)

Sweetly Broken (black Heart #2) by Michelle Congdon (read July 2015 review)

executive toyprofessional sindangerously bigtrickiest job

Executive Toy (Executive Toy #1) by Cleo Peitsche (read August 2015 review)

Professional Sin (Executive Toy #2) by Cleo Peitsche (read August 2015 review)

Dangerously Big (Executive Toy #3) by Cleo Peitsche (read August 2015 review)

Trickiest Job (Executive Toy #4) by Cleo Peitcche (read August 2015 review)

dirtiest lieforbidden fixunder the guncousins

Dirtiest Lie (Executive Toy #5) by Cleo Peitsche (read August 2015 review)

Forbidden Fix (Executive Toy #6) by Cleo Peitsche (read August 2015 review)

Under The Gun (Hardy and Day Under The Gun #1) by BL Morticia (read August 2015 review)

Cousins (Cousins #1) by Lisa Lang Blakeney (read August 2015 review)

one night in barcelona

One Night In Barcelona (City Lights #13) by Mary T Bradford (read August 2015 review)


{Meme} Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 To-Be-Read list

The only problem following blogs from other countries is that the seasons are out. So hence this will be my top ten spring to be read list

1) Play by Kylie Scott

2) Wildcard: Vol 2 and 3 by Missy Johnson

3) Beat By Amity Cross

4) The Lover’s Secret by J.C. Reed

5) Social Media series by JA Huss

6) Beast: Part 3 and 4 by Ella James

7) The Affair: week one by Beth Kery

8) The Professional by Kresley Cole

9) Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

10) Captivated by You by Sylvia Day


{Meme} Top Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

Now this weeks top 10 Tuesday is relative easy I believe, well for me any way. Below is a list of the authors I have only read one book from and have never been back around to read anymore. I will get there one day, hopefully.

1) Emma Chase
read Tangled

2) Katy Evans
read Real

3) Alice Clayton
Read Wallbanger

4) Eve Berlin
read Pleasure’s Edge

5) Sylvain Reynard
read Gabriel’s Inferno

6) K. M. Golland
Read Temptation

7) Beth Kery
read Because You Are Mine

8) Pepper Winters
read Debt Inheritance

9) Abigail Gibbs
read Dinner with a Vampire

10) Kylie Scott
read Lick


{Review} Because You Are Mine (Because You Are Mine #1)

because you are mine

Because You Are Mine by Beth Kery
Because You Are Mine #1
Read December 2013
4 stars



It starts with that first look, when you know you have to have him…

It’s at a cocktail party in her honour that she first meets him – and the attraction is immediate for graduate student Francesca Arno. It’s also bewildering. She’s not used to such a wholesale sexual response to a stranger. Enigmatic, darkly intense, with a commanding presence, billionaire Ian Noble completely unnerves her. And she likes it.

For Ian, Francesca is the kind of woman he can’t resist – one that comes all too rarely: a true innocent. But he can sense in her a desire to open up, to experiment, to give herself to the fantasies of a man in control. The first kiss, the first caress, the first challenge for a woman who craves what she’s never had – a man who gets what he wants…

Series Reading Order:
Standalone series with interconnecting characters

#1 Because You Are Mine
#2 When I’m with You


Because you are mine is the complete novel of the online eBook serialization following the love story between billionaire Ian Noble and art graduate student Francesca Arno.

I must admit that I was a little hesitate to start this book. Not all good things have come from fan fiction and online stories. Also the publishers have labelled the front of the book with ‘If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey you’ll love this’. While I read Fifty shades, I did not love it. So if this is anything like that, I was not really going to like it very much.

However I was proved wrong, which was such a good thing; as one should never judge a book by it’s cover. I do love the cover by the way.

Ian and Francesca are right at each other from the start and their attraction never waivers. I fell in love with Ian, a true alpha male and a man who truly knows himself. He is every bit the secret billionaire and Francesca just seems to love the mystery that surrounds him. She is drawn to him and everything about him. However he is unsure about her, but love can teach us some great lessons.

Can’t wait to see more about this couple. Their story is not over yet. I feel that it really is only just beginning.