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{Release Blitz} Her Hometown Hero



After losing her husband in the line of duty, Riley Logan looks for a fresh start in Magnolia Springs. However, a fear of rejection makes relationships difficult.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Stone returns home from the Middle East after losing his legs to an IED. The last thing he wants is to be treated like a hero—or pitied for his injuries.

While working on a charity event, benefiting injured veterans, they find they have more in common than a talent for snarky comments. But when Brian is offered an opportunity too good to refuse, Riley must decide if she can risk losing another man to a dangerous job


He couldn’t remember the last time someone had the balls to challenge him. Between his friends and family pussy-footing around—on top of the deference which came with rank, it had to have been well before the accident. He leaned forward, resting his palms on the table next to the cash box.  “You got something to add?”

She shrugged.

“No, go ahead, tell me what’s on your mind. Everyone else feels free to express their opinion.” He saw the baiting for what it was. Hell, he’d practically begged for someone to snap back when he growled, instead of treating him like he was made of spun glass.

She met his glare head on and held it, something few people dared do. “I was thinking you could benefit from Asses Anonymous.”

“Really,” he prompted.  Despite the vow he’d made that morning to steer clear of this intriguing woman, he obeyed the call. Especially as she continued to challenge him.

“Sure. A twelve-step program might take the edge off all that sunshine and happiness you’ve been sharing today.”

About the author


From the time Melissa was old enough to hold a book, reading has been her favorite way to relax, dream, and sometimes escape.

​That love of books led her to writing, where now she’s able to create her own worlds instead of just reading about them.

Following a career in the legal field and education, she devotes herself to writing stories about men and women who know what they want out of life and are not afraid to go after it.

​She lives in Georgia with her family.

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