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{Review} JailBait


JailBait by Jessa Kane
Read September 2016
3 Stars



There’s a moment in every man’s life when he senses his downfall. Sees it hurtling straight at him like a goddamn torpedo. Maybe it’s a bad poker bet, a wrong turn in a terrible neighborhood, or one line of coke too many.

Mine is a redhead.

I advertised for a magician’s assistant and this sweet, little thing walked in the door. But I ain’t no magician. I need my redhead for far more nefarious purposes. Imagine my surprise when she comes along willingly, in need of a protector. And I’m the only man for the job, because I will kill to keep her safe…and in my bed where she belongs.


If you want something that is quick and easy to read with an over the top alpha and a young heroine; then look no further than Jailbait.

Yes this story is a bit on the taboo side with an older hero and younger heroine. How young, well the best thing the author never tells you and you’re left hanging. But you get a general idea of how old she could be.

What it lacks in story and length, it sure makes up for in hot and steamy love scenes. Hello sex in the forest while on the run from the law… *fans self*