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{Review} How To Give Up Shopping

how to give up shopping

How to give up shopping (or at least cut down): The journey back to conscious spending by Neradine Tisaj
Read August 2016
2 stars



Read any finance book and it will tell you to spend less and save more. But a financial planner telling a shopaholic to simply save more money is like a marathon runner telling a morbidly obese person to just exercise more. Where do you start? How do you go from finding refuge in retail therapy to being able to walk past your favourite shop with your savings intact?

Stressed, time-poor and addicted to the buzz of a newly purchased item, Neradine Tisaj had a definite shopping problem. But when she decided to try to save, no one could offer her advice that related to her lifestyle. One planner told her to find a husband and live off the one salary. Another told her to stay in each Saturday night and eat boiled eggs. Determined to both enjoy life and save money, Neradine devised a plan to find a way back to conscious, healthy spending – without forgoing a busy social life. Packed with truly helpful tips and cheeky anecdotes,

HOW TO GIVE UP SHOPPING is for anyone who would like to save but also live. After all, man (an woman) does not live on boiled egg alone.


While this was an entertaining read, it still didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. I commend the author for bravely discussing her shopping addiction with the world. While it was humorous in some parts, it all just basically came down to common sense. Well that I what I got from the overall story.

{Review} Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives

post secret just cover

Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives by Frank Warren
Read April 2014
4 stars



This text offers illustrated postcards from the PostSecret website sent in by people who anonymously reveal secrets from their past which they have never told to anyone, presenting a full range of emotions.


I don’t really know what to make of this book. Some of the secrets are funny, some a little distributing and some really sad.
But it does give an insight to some of the biggest secrets we keep from those around us.

{Review} Infographica: The World As You Have Never Seen It Before

infographic book

Infographica: The World as you have never seen it before by Martin & Simon Toseland
Read November 2013
3 stars



Infographica collects intriguing data from across our planet – including facial hair styles of famous dictators, the countries with the most McDonald’s restaurants and the world’s most expensive divorces – and presents it in stylish, memorable and original infographics.


Don’t know if you can really call this as reading a book as such. But it was still interesting and I learnt many new things.

If you like infographs, then this is the book for you