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{Blog Tour} Our Way

OUR WAY by TL Swan
Release Date: July 27, 2020
Cover Design: Hang Le
Model: Christian Hogue
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Nathan Mercer, the only man in my life.
Falling for him was never an option.
We met ten years ago, when we started at the same company on the same day. 
With being new in town and nobody else to rely on, we quickly became friends.
And while Nathan went on to rule San Francisco, I’m still doing the same job with the same people.
We finish each other’s sentences, we spend Christmas together and he sleeps at my house more than his.
He’s beautiful…. beyond belief.
In another life, he’s probably my soul mate.
However, lately things have changed. He’s started looking at me differently.
His eyes drop to my lips as I speak.
His hugs are tighter…. longer.
Our fights are more passionate, his jealousy insane.
I know it’s all in my head….it has to be.
They say to never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.
I don’t, to him I’m a queen.
But our story is complicated.
And as much as I love Nathan Mercer with all of my heart.
He’s the one man I can never have.


AMAZON UNIVERSAL: https://geni.us/UAlN


Having worked in mental health in her former life, T L Swan is now seriously addicted to the thrill of writing and can’t imagine a time when she wasn’t. She resides in Sydney, Australia, where she’s living out her own happily ever after with her husband and their three children.


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{Blog Tour} Stanton Bliss

stanton bliss

T.L. Swan’s newest release in the Stanton Series!

You don’t want to miss this final chapter in Stanton Bliss!



We’ve changed. Darker, damaged and unable to conform. My husband Joshua is dealing with the past the best that he can…..as am I.

Nobody else can understand the language we speak. The trauma we have been through.

But with the pain comes pleasure and happiness is our gift.

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Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Pt2fIS

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bliss teaser



The sun is shining, as I lay on the deck chair, content in a post orgasmic glow. It’s about two in the afternoon and Joshua and I have been married for three blissful days. Today is the first day we have had our families around. Up until now we have been alone and have gone from our bed, to the shower, to the pool and not much farther.

We needed some alone time and I have been fucked every which way and eaten every beautiful kind of food on the planet.

This is happiness. Deep sated happiness.

Joshua is still on edge. He watches me wherever I go, scared to take his eyes off of me in case I disappear again.

We have issues to deal with, both of us. I’m pushing them to the back of my mind for the moment. I can’t deal with them yet. I’m not sure I even want to. How do you deal with the shit that we have been through? The police interviews were extensive and thankfully I have been cleared of any wrong doing. My main mission at the moment is to make Joshua at ease and get some weight back on him. I think he’s lost about ten kilos since I disappeared.

I stand at the kitchen bench and dial Jeston’s number; I need to talk to him. Joshua is running on the treadmill and I have some time to myself. The last time we spoke, he was telling me that he thought he loved me and I was being rude. So much has happened since then and I know he put aside his hate for Joshua to try and help find me. I am so grateful and I owe him a huge thank you.

“Tash” He answers on the first ring, he sounds relieved.

Oh, it’s good to hear his voice. “Jes.” I smile.

“Are you ok?” he breathes.

“I am.”

“Fuck, I thought you were dead.”

“Thankfully not.” I half laugh.

“Tash, it’s so good to hear from you.”

“Thank you so much for helping everyone try to find me.”

“I’m just so glad you are ok.”

The line falls silent and I know I have to tell him.

“I got married Jes. Three days ago in Thailand,” I whisper as I close my eyes.

He doesn’t answer.

“Jes?” I ask. Is he still on the line?

“What do you want me to say?” he breathes.

My heart drops, I do really care for this man. “Congratulations?” I ask hopefully.

“Congratulations,” he replies dryly.

“I love him, Jes. He makes me so happy.”

He hesitates. “He’s a lucky man.”

I smile as my eyes tear up. “Can we be friends? Please?”

“Of course.”

I feel uncomfortable, I know I shouldn’t, but I feel guilty for talking to him when I know he has feelings for me. I should get off the line.

“I will see you next time I come to Australia?” I ask.

“Yeah, sure,” he replies sadly, and I know I have hurt his feelings with my dismissal.

I close my eyes and stay silent.

“Bye, Tash. It’s good to hear from you.”

“Bye, Jes,” I whisper through unshed tears.

We both stay on the line, neither one of us wanting to hang up.

I want to tell him I miss him, but I stop myself, this isn’t helping either of us. I reluctantly end the call.

That was a lot harder than it should have been and I know in my heart that the girl who finally tames Jesten Miller is going to be a very lucky girl.

About the Author:

Tee Swan was born in Sydney Australia and is the author of Contemporary Romance novels, Stanton Adore, Stanton Unconditional and Stanton Completely. Her new novel, Find Me Alastar is due for release in early 2016.

She studies Psychology and works for the Australian Schizophrenia Fellowship. When Tee is not working in the depths of mental health, you will find her daydreaming about her next story, writing, drinking coffee or hanging with her beloved husband and three kids in her sleepy beach side town south of Sydney.

Tee’s aim is to write steamy, tender love stories that stay with you long after you close the book.

Website |  Facebook  | Twitter |  Goodreads

bliss teaser 2

{Blog Tour} Stanton Completely

stanton completely 3

The conclusion to this Joshua and Natasha’s epic series is FINALLY HERE!


The final piece of the Stanton Puzzle

Joshua and Natasha are finally as one, so in love like never before.

But how dark are the secrets and how deep are the lies?

And when all is said and done, are their lives and love completely safe?


Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Kobo ~ iBooks

stanton completely teaser


It’s 4.45 pm and I am just going through my emails for the day when my intercom sounds. 

Eliza speaks. “Mr Stanton, Miss Marx is here to see you.” 

I smile. The crazy bitch won’t take a hint. “Send her in,” I sigh.

The bodyguard opens the door and she walks in wearing a black coat, her high heels clicking on the marble tiles. She smiles warmly and her dimples immediately defrost my anger. Just the sight of my precious girl makes my neck tight and I crack it to release the tightness. 

“Hello baby,” she smiles. 

“Hello.” I smile defeated, she’s not going to let me fight with her, and it’s strangely comforting. 

“I wanted to come and see where you work.” Her eyes flick around the office. 

I smirk as I sit back in my chair. “Did you now?” 

She nods again and her eyes look around the room and up to the ceiling. “Your office is very nice.”

I frown, not understanding what she is doing.  “Are there cameras in here?” she asks.

I smile. “No.” 

She bites her lip nervously. “I thought I would come and show you what I bought today.” 

I raise a brow in question. 

She drops the coat and my eyes drop down her body. She is in a black suspender belt, lace bra and G-string … fucking Perfection. 

She holds her hand out and I take it in mine as I stand. She does a twirl on the spot and I feel my cock harden. “You like, Mr Stanton?” she asks.

My eyes hold hers and I reply. “I do.” 

“I know that you’re disappointed in me but I’m not letting your mother come between us again.” 

I smirk.

“Do you want to be friends?” She raises an eyebrow in question as she places her hands on her hips.

I can’t resist and my lips drop to the part where her neck meets her shoulder and I kiss her gently. “Are you trying to bargain your way out of my anger, Miss Marx?” I run my lips back and forth up her neck.

She drops her head to the side to give me greater access. “Maybe?” she whispers as she smiles into my kiss and runs her tongue though my open smiling lips. 

“Maybe?” I repeat. “What does that mean?” I ask as she kisses me more urgently and I feel my cock start to thump as I see our reflection in the window. The sight of her in that lingerie in my office nearly makes me come on the spot. She is standing on her toes to reach me and in the process flexing every muscle in her legs and ass. So fucking hot … 

“It means I have a closing argument for you,” she whispers as she tiptoes to kiss my neck. She bites me and goosebumps scatter up my arms. 

“What’s the closing argument?” I whisper huskily. 

She slowly unzips my pants and without breaking eye contact drops to her knees in front of me. My hands instinctively go to the back of her head. 

“I would like you to blow in my mouth,” she breathes and then licks her lips as she frees me from my pants and gently licks up the length of my penis. I run my hand gently over her hair as my cock oozes pre-ejaculate. Fuck, I love this woman. 

“And then I want you to bend me over your desk and fuck me like you hate me!” she whispers. 

I grab a hand full of hair and impale her mouth with my cock. 

“Stop talking and start sucking because you are about to fucking cop it.” I growl as I fill her mouth to the hilt and hiss as I pull out, again deeper, and she runs her tongue over the end of me as she pulls out and my eyes close. Fuck, she gives good head. Deeper and deeper she takes me as she fondles my balls and I watch our reflection in the window until I am so crazy with lust that I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t want her mouth, I want inside her. I drag her up by the arm and throw her across my desk and rip her underpants from her body. There she lies … my beautiful kryptonite. I spread her with my fingers so that I can see her beautiful weeping pink flesh and pull her breast out of her bra to get the visual of the whole package. I look up at the door as I realise that it isn’t locked and it only fuels my desire even more. Anyone could walk in here at any moment, and the thought of someone seeing us like this turns me inside out. I pull her apart again and start to stroke myself slowly and vigorously, one … two … three … four … my cock weeps. 

Her dark eyes watch me and her back arches off the table. “Joshua,” she begs and I start to run my head backwards and forwards through her until I can hold it no longer and I feed my cock into her hot flesh. 

“That’s it,” she whispers as her eyes roll back in her head. 

My eyes close as I try to control the orgasm that is hammering up on me. I grab her shoulders with straightened arms for leverage and I let loose: long hard punishing stokes where she can’t speak. Pure desire fills her face, her mouth hangs open and she tries to deal with the brutality of my flesh ripping through hers. I rip her shoes off and bring her feet up to my shoulders as once again my eyes flick to the door. Fuck, we are going to get caught. Adrian will be here any moment. I bring one of her feet up to my face and while my cock works at a piston pace I slowly lick her instep underneath her foot. 

“Ahhh,” she cries as she tries to rip her foot from my grip. 

My body is now out of control and I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. The desk is banging and she puts her hand up and clutches at the air as she comes silently around my cock. The muscle contraction is so intense that it doubles me over and I pump her, one … two … three times with my hands wrapped around her shoulders, and I come in a rush into her beautiful hot body. I lean and drop my head to her shoulder as I try to catch my breath, my heart hammering in my chest along with hers. 

And she kisses me, the gentle tender kiss that is Natasha. The most powerful gesture in my world is the tender kiss in the afterglow of lovemaking from this beautiful creature. Nothing is more important than this, what we have. I thank god every day that she has come into my life … that she makes me feel like this. I feel myself being overwhelmed with emotion and I close my eyes and my lips instinctively drop to her neck as I try to gather my thoughts. 

“You’re totally right. I do give a great closing argument,” she whispers. 

I smile broadly into her neck. “Yes, you do.” 

“I’m like the queen of closing arguments.” She giggles.

“Shut up.” I smile as I kiss her again on the neck and do up my fly. Then I stand and pull her up into a standing position and quickly retrieve her jacket and put it on her. “Stop seducing me in my office. Anybody could have walked in,” I mutter, disgusted that I lost my head. I bend and pick up her G-string and put it into my pocket. 

She pushes me back into my chair and sits across my lap like a child with her arms wrapped around my neck. 

“I love you,” she whispers as she kisses me again gently. 

I smile and peck her on the lips. “I love you too.” 

She starts to do crazy little kisses all over my face and I screw up my face to escape her. 

“Does that mean you can take me on a date tonight … just us?” she whispers as she raises her eyebrows in question.

I smirk. “I suppose,” I reply. 

The thing is, after the day I have had I should be in a much worse mood than I am. Lucky for me my girl knows what I need better than I do and a deep sense of contentment sweeps over me. Having her here with me and on my side is all that I need.

Author Information

Tee Swan was born in Sydney Australia and is the author of Contemporary Romance novels, Stanton Adore, Stanton Unconditional and Stanton Completely.
Her new novel, Find Me Alastar is due for release in early 2016.

She studies Psychology and works for the Australian Schizophrenia Fellowship. When Tee is not working in the depths of mental health, you will find her daydreaming about her next story, writing, drinking coffee or hanging with her beloved husband and three kids in her sleepy beach side town south of Sydney.

Tee’s aim is to write steamy, tender love stories that stay with you long after you close the book.

Website |  Facebook  | Twitter |  Goodreads


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